Support classroom. Build a future

Support classroom build future

Teachers and students all over the U.S. need your help to bring their classroom dreams to life.

Get crayons, books, telescopes, field trips, and more for a classroom today.

The mission is to maintain a thriving academic community that implements a balanced curriculum. Foster an appreciation of and respect for rich cultural diversity, as well as a lifelong love of learning. Cultivate critical thinkers, problem solvers, successful readers and discerning users of technology. Nurture caring individuals who are able to make positive contributions to society. Building up social skills with practice can help enhance participation in the community and support outcomes like happiness and friendships.

Classroom includes several students who are on the autistic spectrum. Students often have the desire to interact with others, but struggle sometimes knowing how to engage friends or may be overwhelmed by new experiences. The process of building with Legos or construction sets can help reinforce social skills and allows for personal and interactive opportunities for all students. Students will learn to use creativity through socialization, an important skill that can be challenging for some students.

Students need electronic tablets and cases to do all the things that will help them be successful in this 21st century learning environment.

Learning how to do research papers and properly use the internet will brings 21st Century Skills to students' hands. Allowing students to take quizzes, tests, and complete their homework online ultimately helps to save paper AND money. Another benefit of them doing their work online is getting them used to computers. Increasing their knowledge about today's technology resources the students will be prepared for future courses.