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Animal temporary tattoos

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Animal temporary tattoos with hundreds of animal designs and tattoos to choose from. We have a variety of temporary animal tattoos to choose from including:

Amphibian/Reptile Tattoos (16)
Anemone Tattoos
Arachnid Tattoos (6)
Bat Tattoos (14)
Bear Tattoos (12)
Bee Tattoos (11)
Bird Tattoos (278)
Bull Tattoos (5)
Bulldog Tattoos (3)
Carp Tattoos (3)
Cat Tattoos (125)
Chameleon Tattoos (2)
Claw Tattoos (2)
Coral Reef Tattoos (1)
Crab Tattoos (1)
Crow Tattoos (14)
Deer & Buck Tattoos (5)
Dog Tattoos (168)
Pitbull Tattoos (13)
Pug Tattoos (3)
Dolphin Tattoos (43)
Dove Tattoos (15)
Dragonfly Tattoos (42)
Eagle Tattoos (168)
Eel Tattoos (3)
Elephant Tattoos (10)
Elk Tattoos
Fish Tattoos (187)
Fox Tattoos (1)
Frog Tattoos (41)
Tree Frog Tattoos (2)
Fu Dog Tattoos (11)
Gecko Tattoos (1)
Goat Tattoos (1)
Hawk Tattoos (62)
Horse Tattoos (13)
Hummingbird Tattoos (78)
Insect Tattoos (74)
Ant Tattoos (2)
Fly Tattoos (2)
Koi Tattoos (274)
Koi Carp Tattoos (5)
Ladybug Tattoos (4)
Lamb Tattoos (1)
Lion Tattoos (127)
Lizard Tattoos (53)
Mammal Tattoos (3)
Puma Tattoos (3)
Rat Tattoos (3)
Monkey Tattoos (4)
Mythological Creature Tattoos (41)
Octopus Tattoos (8)
Owl Tattoos (90)
Panther Tattoos (11)
Black Panther Tattoos
Paw Tattoos
Peacock Tattoos (59)
Phoenix Tattoos (76)
Pig Tattoos (2)
Rabbit Tattoos (10)
Raven Tattoos
Rooster Tattoos (1)
Scorpion Tattoos (110)
Sea Tattoos (17)
Jellyfish Tattoos (1)
Sea Turtle Tattoos (11)
Seahorse Tattoos (3)
Shark Tattoos (12)
Snake Tattoos (31)
Cobra Tattoos (9)
Sparrow Tattoos (13)
Spider Tattoos (100)
Black Widow Tattoos (5)
Squid Tattoos (1)
Star Fish Tattoos
Sting Ray Tattoos (2)
Swallow Tattoos (8)
Tarantula Tattoos (5)
Tiger Tattoos (248)
Turtle Tattoos (30)
Whale Tattoos (2)

Body Art - Apply Decal to clean, dry skin.

1) Peel back film cover.
2) Place Body Art face down on your body.
3) Firmly press a damp cloth or sponge over the back of the Body Art.
4) Wait 60 seconds before s-l-o-w-l-y peeling the backing of the paper
5) Let dry & That's it! Enjoy your Body Art

We also mainly sell temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos are FDA approved. Our Classic temporary tattoos are the traditional kind of temporary tattoos that most people enjoy and think of when they see our products. These tats don’t need anything extra, they stand their ground and jump off your skin with no added ingredients. Applied using water and removable with rubbing alcohol, baby oil or even tape, these tattoos are fun to use and easy to swap out for optimal enjoyment! Printed in full-color, you can use as many colors as you’d like including black and white at no extra charge!

We carry the best and greatest temporary tattoos and tattoo design art online. Our stock temp tattoos can be purchased online and include designs such as tribal, animals, backpieces, symbols, hearts, flowers, words, chinese characters, dragons, suns, moons, zodiac, armbands, letters, numbers, dolphins, bears, lions, tigers, eagles, lizards, unicorns, horses, kittens, panthers, cheetahs, bulls, bisons, snakes, fish, butterflies and much more. We also provide services for you to create your own tattoos with the design or logo of your choice.

Contact us at 778-940-8090 or email hoffadesign@gmail.com
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